How To Shed Your Stubborn Belly Fat Without Exercise

lose belly fat without exercise

Do you want to burn your belly fat but don’t know where to start?

Or looking for additional means to shed belly fat beyond traditional exercise? Belly fat is not good for you as it increases your weight, changes your physical appearance, and leaves you vulnerable to various health problems.

In this article, I will show you simple ways to reduce belly fats and increase your body metabolism without doing any rigorous exercise.

  • Start Your Day With Lemon Juice
  • Drink Water Before Meals
  • Take A Walk Everyday
  • Stand Up
  • Suck in Your Stomach
  • Control Your Eating Habits
  • Reduce Your Salt Intake
  • Always Chew Your Food Properly
  • Practice Intermittent Fasting
  • Turn Off YourTelevision


Start Your Day With Lemon Juice:

One of the healthy ways to start your day is by drinking lemon juice. Lemon juice is good for fat reduction as it helps enhance the stomach health and decrease inflammation of the gut. If you dislike the taste of lemon, you can mix it with some quantity of warm water.


Drink Water Before Meals:

Always drink some water before eating your food. This will help to consume a small number of calories. When you take water before eating, it will reduce hunger and prevent you from overeating.

Moreover, avoid sweetened drinking juice or any soft drinks as they all add to your belly fat.


Take A Walk Everyday:

One of the things that anyone seeking to burn is belly must do is to have the habit of walking. Walking has been documented as an excellent means to shed stubborn belly fat and permanently lose weight.

Look for every opportunity to take a walk. Take a walk around your house, on the street, or anywhere safe. How long you walk does not matter as long as you do it consistently. Walk at least 35 minutes on a daily basis and increase the pace to 3.0-3.5 miles per hour.


Stand Up:

When you stand up, you shed 33% more fat than when you sit. Form the habit of standing for a minimum of three hours every day. Whenever you sit on the chair to watch the television, stand up! You can walk in place as you watch television.


Suck In Your Stomach:

Yes, when you suck in your stomach, it tightens up the belly and improves the strength of the muscles underneath your abdominal part. Sucking in the stomach is the act of pulling the stomach inwardly.

Here is what you need to do –

  • Pull the stomach inward as much as you can (Do not squeeze your tummy but gently pull it inward). Pay more attention to the belly button.
  • Hold for at least 5 seconds, keep breathing, and release.
  • Rest for a minimum of 10 seconds and repeat the process. (try to focus more on pulling in the belly from the top).

For the first two weeks, begin by doing ten reps twice daily, then increase the duration and frequency of pulling in your belly farther and hold it longer and longer.

You can do this in your office, at home, or while walking. Don’t hold your breath too long when you are walking. Eventually, you may want to get to the stage where you are doing it unconsciously and continuously.


Control Your Eating Habits:

Your eating habit will surely determine how far you go in your quest to reducing your belly fat. Eating foods rich in fats and oils is one of the reasons why many develop belly fats. To reduce your belly fat, you must stop the intake of fatty foods, go for vegetables, and drink green tea.


Reduce Your Salt Intake:

According to medical experts, reducing the quantity of salt intake will help remove water in the body. However, if you need to take salt for any good reason, take a little amount of natural sea salt. Avoid taking soy sauce; it contains sodium, which causes bloating.


Always Chew Your Food Properly:

It’s very important you start the habit of chewing your food properly before swallowing. There’s a reason behind it. Whenever you don’t chew your food properly before you swallow, it will take more time to break down and digest. Therefore, it affects your digestion and result to increase in body weight. So, ensure you take your food and chew it properly before you swallow.


Practice Intermittent Fasting:

I am a fan of strategic and intermittent fasting when it comes to matters relating to weight loss. It’s a great and faster way to shed stubborn belly fat.

It may take you some days to get used to fasting, but if you can endure it; you will have the strength to stay for many hours with no food.

Fasting is a good way to ramp up your fat-burning and give your body some amazing potential health benefits at the same time.


Turn Off YourTelevision:

People who sit to watch television for three hours every day or more are 60 percent more likely to have belly fat. Always watch television for one hour a day and occupy yourself with some other things like gardening, cleaning, walking, and other things you feel like doing.


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