Olive Oil Benefits: Tips On Buying And How To Use It

olive oil benefits

Do you love to watch different cooking shows? Or are you a culinary expert by yourself? Well, no matter what your scenario is, you probably already are familiar with olive oil and its usages.

But did you know that this particular product has several health benefits as well?

Yes, you’ve heard it correctly. Like any other type of nuts oil, it, too, can be quite beneficial for your skin, stomach, and other organs as well.

So, do you wish to know more about this aspect? Then, make sure to keep reading!


What are the Benefits of Olive Oil?

As mentioned before, this specific type of natural oil comes with a lot of health benefits. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


1. Can Enhance Your Skin Health

According to a recent study, the olive oil-based products, especially the extra virgin ones, are filled with powerful antioxidants. Hence, if you use them on your skin, then they will help in eliminating the dead cells from it.

Moreover, they may also aid in removing the unstable molecules and free radicals, which can inflict damage on your skin. Last yet not least, the antioxidants present in the oil can also fight against inflammation and promote your skin’s overall health even further.

Hence, all-in-all, you can say that the olive oil benefits for skin are simply immeasurable.


2. Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

As per the report of WHO, heart diseases are responsible for killing the highest number of people in the world. However, a study has recently revealed that the rate of cardiovascular-related deaths is a lot less prominent in the Mediterranean nations.

But why is it so? Well, that’s because the people in this region generally use olive oil for cooking their foods. It, in turn, lowers their overall “bad” cholesterol level, inflammations, and many more, which generally affects your heart health.

That’s not all.

If used on a daily basis, the oil can amplify the linings of the blood vessels as well. It, sequentially, reduces overall blood pressure as well. So, if you do wish to live a healthy and heart disease-free life, then make sure to start healthy cooking from today.


3. Might Cure Alzheimer’s Disease

If you do not sleep properly at night or work too much in front of a computer, then your brain will start creating plaques. Now, if it starts building up, then it will begin damaging your brain cells and cause almost-incurable Alzheimer’s disease.

However, a study on mice has shown a ray of light in this aspect.

During the research, the doctors had seen that the components present in olive oil were gradually removing these plaques. Moreover, a report on the human body has also shown that an olive oil-based Mediterranean diet can amplify brain function.

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4. Can Lower the Chances of Certain Cancers

According to many researchers, the proper usage of olive-based products, especially oil, can also prevent certain types of cancer. Some test tube-based research modules have found out that the antioxidants of the oil can lower the free radical’s oxidative damage.

It, in turn, can reduce the instances of cell abnormality quite prominently. Furthermore, a report has also suggested that some compounds of the oil might fight against the cancerous cells as well.

So, yes, you can include the prevention of cancer in your list of the olive oil benefits as well.


5. May Help in Repairing Liver Damage

Due to several reasons, such as following an unhealthy diet or drinking issues, our liver might get damaged severely. It, in turn, can lead to the occurrence of several diseases, which can cause inflammation in the organ.

However, according to a study, olive oil can save you in this aspect as well. The MUFA of the oil, such as the phenolic compounds and oleic acid, can restrict both oxidative stress and inflammations.

Besides, regular consumption of the oil can reduce your body’s overall insulin resistance as well. Thus, in a way, it might be beneficial for your diabetic issues too.


6. Reduces the Severity of IBDs

The IBDs, such as Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, can be quite severe if left untreated. These diseases can cause inflammations, bleeding, and many other rigorous and painful symptoms. Moreover, many doctors tend to link them with Colon Cancer as well.

So, if you are suffering from either of these ailments, the olive-based products can prove to be pretty advantageous for you. A 2019 report on this aspect tends to include the reduction in IBD-related issues among the prevalent olive oil benefits for health.

But why does it believe so? Well, for starters, according to it, the phenols, which are available in the oil, can amplify our bowel’s immunity. Moreover, it may also strengthen the gut-based microbes and ease up the digestion procedure even more.

It, sequentially, can lower the severity of lower abdominal pain and relieve you from bleeding as well.


7. Strengthens Hair

There are several olive oil benefits for hair that might astonish you from the core as well. For starters, because of being enriched in vitamin E, the oil can strengthen your hair and prevent hair loss.

Secondly, it also contains a decent amount of zinc, calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin B, which helps in hair growth as well. If you use an amalgamation of egg yolk and the oil, then it can prevent the aging of hair too.

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Tips on Buying and Using Olive Oil

It is definitely true that olive oil comes with a lot of beneficial properties. However, to make the most out of them, you will, first, have to use it correctly. The following are a few tips that can help you out in this aspect.


1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the Win

There are four different types of olive-based products available in the market – pure, virgin, refined, and extra-virgin. Each of them is a little bit different than one another and, thus, works differently.

However, amongst them, the extra virgin oils are more advantageous than anything else. Firstly, they do not contain any impurities or venomous substances at all. Moreover, the extra-virgin oils tend to have a subtle aroma as well.

So, if you do wish to savor all the olive oil benefits for health, then choosing the extra virgin option should be ideal for you.


2. Keep It Away from Heat

Both heat and light are the sole enemies of almost any natural oil. They can affect its quality and reduce its effectiveness pretty quickly. So, if you do wish to use the product for a prolonged period, then make sure to keep it in a darker place.


3. Be Liberal While Using

You can use olive oil almost anywhere and everything. You can employ it on your skin, coat your hair with it, cook foods, and do a lot more as well. So, to help it to work more proficiently, make sure to revolve your life around the oil.

If you can use it in a proper manner, then olive oil will improve your life by quite a mile. So, make sure to do some study about it and learn more cooking options to maximize the advantageousness of the natural oil in your life.

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