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Caring for our mental health is a crucial part of our lives. Explore simple and effective ways with which you can improve your mental health and well-being.

simple mindfulness practices

Mindfulness: 6 Simple Practices to Help Unclog Your Mind & Plan Your Tasks Ahead

From getting groceries for supper to picking the kids at school while trying to meet that tight work deadline,…

In-Home Care

In-Home Care: What You Should Know

In-home care is a great option for seniors seeking to remain in their homes. This is also a good…

turn your mobile into digital well-being device

Turn Your Mobile Into A Well-being Device During These Difficult Times

The freeingMe apps work like any form of healing energy and have been tested using Kirlian Photography in an…

getting vaccinated

Anxious About Getting Vaccinated? Here’s How To Stay Empowered

Here’s how you can stay empowered rather than paralyzed by your panic about getting vaccinated for COVID-19. Contemplating the

what is depression disorder

What Exactly Is Depression?

Depression. I’m sure you’ve heard about it, even seen a few shows that touch on it, or maybe you…

Loneliness Threat To Seniors

Loneliness: A Threat To Seniors Physical And Mental Health

Among the numerous health concerns that can befall seniors, loneliness is the most widely recognized and least discussed. With aging…

Cognitive Health Issues in Old People

Cognitive Health Issues in Elderly: Challenges and Solutions

Throughout life, everybody starts to deal with aging, and there is a point in life where the person becomes…

common sleep problems

Common Sleep Problems: Habits, Symptoms and Treatments

In this new era, people are quite busy and bound to work longer. If you do not sleep well,…

stay healthy during lockdown

6 Tips For Staying Motivated And Healthy During Lockdown

As cities around North America and the globe move back into yet another lockdown, staying motivated…

effects of technology addiction

Technology Addiction: Health Effects & Strategies To Overcome

Excessive use and over-dependence on technology is an addiction, and mental health professionals define it similar to other mental…