Turn Your Mobile Into A Well-being Device During These Difficult Times

turn your mobile into digital well-being device

The freeingMe apps work like any form of healing energy and have been tested using Kirlian Photography in an independent stress clinic and with a Quest9 Biofeedback device, reporting a significant rebalance of many human energy systems.


How the apps came about

Grahame Martin, the inventor of freeingMe apps, has worked as a homeopathic practitioner and healer for over 20 years in a busy clinic near London. He had an issue with his energy dropping around 4 pm and didn’t want to use stimulants to keep him going. He wanted to find a natural way of harmonising his energy. He had been playing with energy as a practitioner and while developing his Western Chakra courses. He believes the more we can understand how energy works within the human being, the more we will go on to develop means of balancing our everyday life to maintain wellbeing.

He wondered if he could override this afternoon bout of tiredness, so he started playing with energy and it soon became apparent that he needed a light source that could both hold light information and project it. Well, this has already been invented and it’s called the mobile phone.

While having a conversation with a software developer friend he suddenly saw the complete vision as to how this could work and he asked his friend if he could build it as an app. Being a ‘yes’ man, he agreed, without really knowing if this was possible. It was not easy as Grahame explains, “we had to jump through many hoops to achieve an app that worked, and we were even amazed ourselves at what did work and therefore what we could build on”.

The first prototype ENERGY app was created in a relatively short time once the principle Grahame calls ‘photon communication’ was understood. He tells us, “I was amazed at how it picked me up. I then started testing it on friends and family and began to realise that the app was working. I made further tests in my clinic while developing the STRESS and REST apps”.


What the apps can help you with

freeingMe apps

From this simple need to increase energy, freeingMe apps were born. Currently, there are three apps with others to follow. There is the ENERGY app, which helps rejuvenate your batteries and pick you up. It can also be used as a weekly management system that balances and maintains energy levels in our very fast and demanding lives. It can even be used to maintain energy levels around the gym.

The STRESS app can help calm the nerves and face what would ordinarily be stressful circumstances, like any kind of meeting. One user was able to go to the dentist, one of her biggest fears, by using the STRESS app. It has helped people with any kind of apprehensive stress, pressured work environment, and can even counter depression.

The REST app can enable you to relax and take time out from the responsibilities that come with modern living. This is very important so the body can recoup to face the next day. The REST app runs for thirty minutes as we have found that people use it to help them get off to sleep. It has also helped improved sleep, with one user reporting that it completely sorted out years of bad sleep issues where he was only getting three hours of sleep at a time.

However, the apps are not designed for medical use and should not be used to replace medication or professional medical advice. They are wellbeing apps that support the body in recentering energy balances.

Because they work offline they can be used in two ways without overloading you with EMF. You can lay the mobile screen down on your forearm and run the session. Some people like the security of this direct method. Alternatively, you can hold the mobile towards you while the session runs, like you are checking messages, and the intelligent light will reach you.


How they work using intelligent light

freeingMe applicationsThe process of making the apps had several twists and turns. Grahame explains, “every time it seemed impossible, I was ‘given’ an answer. Some extraordinary energetic things happened, that should not rationally work”. One of these is the fact that the energy source that goes on to create harmony in a person remains external to the apps. The apps act as a kind of go-between allowing the user to connect with this original energy source in a way that our bodies recognise. This is the intelligent light called Photon Communication.

Because our cells are responsible for deciding which information they need that comes via light, the apps can only work if we need them. As they can only harmonise our body’s energy systems, they are therefore totally safe, using the body’s natural cell frequencies to create balance.

In other words, if the user does not need the information, then the body won’t use it. This principle has been tested on over 100 people over the last two years. Long-term users of the apps have found this building process very useful, like one woman who runs one session of the STRESS app each night and it keeps her depression at bay.

The apps work like any form of healing energy and have been tested using Kirlian Photography in an independent stress clinic (see report on freeing.me) and with a Quest9 Biofeedback device, reporting a significant rebalance of many human energy systems.

Photon Communication is not physical in the sense of chemical or electrical manipulation, so it is not toxic or poisonous to us. Each app can be tried for free to see if it works for you. Also, to keep EMF down to a minimum the apps work offline, so users switch to airplane mode before running the sessions.

These apps are different from wearables, as they are not signal-dependent but use intelligent light in the form of photon communication to balance a person’s energy system. This harmony grows with use and does not stop as with devices that are signal-dependent and stop when switched off. They can therefore be used for immediate relief, as with the STRESS app, but the aim of each app is to balance a person so they no longer need the app.


Why the apps are so relevant at this difficult time

FreeingMe apps have been tested for two years now and launched in January this year, which is very timely for what is happening in the world right now. The three apps uncannily cover the need for the three areas that many people are struggling with within their lives right now. Fundamentally, we are all feeling the stress, the fear of disease, of losing our job or business and some of us can be already in rebuild. Not only is optimism required but also the energy to rebuild.

The emotional effect on our bodies can strip us of our beliefs and the power to begin again. For many of us, life is not as extreme as a result of what we have all been through in the past year, however, there is a significant number of us who are facing an uncertain future. The three apps help combat the stress, help maintain and manage energy and, of course, help us to get some rest from the relentless noise coming from an insecure world.

It seems from the array of new well-being devices that are now available that there is an investigation into how nature’s energy can be harnessed to produce more knowledgeable ways of maintaining harmony. What is so extraordinary about these apps is that the makers have found a way of delivering harmonic information that our body needs at times of stress in a safe and portable way. We tend to always carry our phones around with us and because these apps can be used offline, we can now have help always at hand.


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