4 Things You Can Do To Ease Stress and Relax

ways to de-stress

You must have experienced stress or anxiety at least once in your life. In fact, more than 80% of people all over the world have dealt with stress or anxiety at least once in their life.

This is quite a common feeling and can be beneficial from time to time, but anxiety has a tendency to creep up on you and turn into an anxiety disorder.

It can be quite debilitating and can interfere with your work, personal, and social life. It is important to find the time to destress from time to time so that you are not overwhelmed.

Here are the things you can do to ease up your stress.



One of the best things you can do to combat stress is to exercise regularly. Exercise helps release endorphins in our body, also known as happy hormones. These hormones help numb down pain and enable us to elevate our mood.

After tiring your body out, it will also feel much more relaxed. A study showed how exercising for just 20 minutes a day can immensely help in improving your sleep quality and lowering down levels of cortisol.

People who do not exercise regularly tend to feel more anxious than the ones who do exercise on a daily basis.


Learn to say no

One of the most common causes of anxiety is a person’s inability to say no to any task, it is important to put your foot down once in a while.

Take control over the small aspects of your life. It is okay to not have the time to do something for someone else when you don’t even have time for yourself. If you are someone who usually takes on more than they can handle, it is vital for you to learn how to say no.

Juggling a lot of responsibilities can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Be selective about your choices and see if they are good for you or not.


Get some herbs

This might be surprising for you to hear, but herbs (especially weed) are actually quite beneficial in lowering down symptoms of anxiety. Most smokers prefer a bong in order to feel completely and utterly relaxed after a hard day.

You can find a huge selection of bongs at fatbuddhaglass, depending on what your preference is. Be sure to get some Indica strains rather than Sativa ones because Indica is known to promote relaxation while Sativa keeps you awake.


Take yoga classes

Probably one of the best methods of stress relief, yoga can be quite beneficial for both your body and your mind. There are quite a few styles for you to choose from, but all of them focus on one thing; unifying your mind and body.

Even such movement can be considered a meditative practice since it can increase your body and breath awareness. Yoga can improve concentration, boost focus, and promote mental and physical relaxation. Some studies also found yoga to be almost as effective as anti-depressants for depressed patients.

It is important to curb your anxiety before it takes over you. Take a step back and see where you stand, take out time to take care of yourself.


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