Working From Home Ergonomics: Why It Is Important

Work From Home Ergonomics

Although remote working was an existing vocabulary in the business world before Covid-19, it gained global traction following the pandemic.

Suffice to say, the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic opened the possibility of working directly from the comfort of one’s home to almost every worker.

However, while this is an idea worth embracing, it’s essential to consider its flip sides, including possible injuries that could be sustained if ergonomics in the workplace are not implemented.

Thus, here are salient ergonomic factors to consider when setting up your home office for the avoidance of injuries:


1. Seating

Your sitting position, especially when working for long hours, matters a lot.  You could damage your spinal cord or sprain your back muscles unconsciously while working.

For this reason, you have to buy an ergonomic chair that provides lumbar support for your back and spinal cord. Use adjustable tables and chairs that allow you to switch postures easily; apart from buying objects, how you use these objects matter too.

For instance, when sitting, your feet must be flat while your elbows, hips, and knees are locked at 90 degrees. Align your wrist properly with your elbows and use a thick book to raise your monitor for the best view.

Also, use protective glasses to protect your eyes from blue rays emitted by your laptop or computer.


2. Computer setup

For ergonomic purposes, your computer must be appropriately set up too. Thus, the computer monitor must be at an arm’s length from where you sit.

Keeping the computer close may cause you to strain your neck and eyes. Also, your mouse and keyboard must be positioned appropriately in a way that they both align with your wrists so that you don’t contract carpal tunnel syndrome.


3. Desk design

It’s perfect if you have an adjustable desk that allows you to stand when tired of sitting down while working. Also, how you organize your desk is of utmost importance too.

You have to keep items that are frequently used closer to your reach, while other items which are not used often can be kept at arm’s length.

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How To Prevent Injuries While Working from Home?

You must stay healthy while working, which is why the emphasis is not only about setting up your home office. It’s essential to take note of the following:


1. Don’t ignore any discomfort

If you feel uncomfortable while working or you notice a new form of pain in your body, don’t ignore this at all.

Contact your physician or physiotherapist for evaluation to discover what has gone wrong. You must address this as soon as possible so that it doesn’t culminate into a difficult situation.


2. Posture is key

When working, you must pay attention to your posture. Ensure you’re always comfortable when working. If you feel any pressure from any part of your body, you must correct your posture to avoid injuries.


3. Observe breaks frequently

Yes, we know the deadlines are almost upon you, but you have to take it slow. Your health has no duplicate, which is why you must always ensure to do what’s in the best interest of your physical body.

If you get injured beyond repair, you may not be able to work for a long while. So, why not take breaks when you’re tired so that your body can recuperate. Once refreshed, you may go back to your work.

As emphasized, the key to all you do is your health; if it is jeopardized, this could have devastating consequences. As a word of advice, make sure to contact your physician when you notice any strange pain in your body.

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