Scientists Warn 5G Could Cause Serious Health Hazards

harmful effects of 5g on health

5G is the fifth-generation mobile network technology, engineered to greatly increase the speed of wireless networks, enabling a significant increase in the amount of data transmitted over wireless systems. As the industry is planning to roll-out 5G services, it has led several researchers to question the health risks the new technology poses.

5G could be dangerous because it emits Radio Frequency (RF) Radiations. The new technology will substantially increase exposure to radio frequencies, and will certainly cause harmful effects on humans as well as the environment. The higher the frequency gets, the more harmful are its effects.

Recently, over 224 eminent scientists and doctors from various countries have warned the world and the government through letters and campaigns about 5G health risks. A web-based 5G campaign lists out their names on the website –

They proposed an adjournment on the roll-out of the 5G until it is fully investigated by independent scientists over potential hazards for human health and the environment. The appeal urges the governments of the EU countries to halt the 5G expansion until independent scientists can assure that the total radiation levels will not be harmful to the citizens, especially infants, children and pregnant women.

While the technology is still under test, there is a strong need for comprehensive studies examining its health effects along with a more precautionary approach for advancement in new wireless technologies.


5G Will Need More Cell Towers

Since beginning in the early 90s, the successive generations (Gs) of wireless technology have significantly improved the world of communications. While technologies from 2G to 4G have used microwaves up to 6 GHz frequencies, 5G plans on using 30 to 90 GHz range of frequencies, and can possibly go up to 300 GHz.

Frequency increases data capacity. The reason that each generation has used higher frequency is that it increases the data-carrying capacity significantly. But, the higher the radio frequency, the shorter the distance they can travel.

Hence, to overcome the loss of signals, technology companies will have to increase the number of cell towers dramatically. This will lead to more exposure to radiation.


Can 5G Cause Cancer?

In 2011, the World Health Organisation (WHO) classified RF radiation as possible ‘carcinogenic, a term which simply means ‘having the potential to cause cancer. Many scientists say that the radiation leaking from our microwave oven through the doors can cause cancer and even change the structure of the DNA. And with the widely launch of 5G, we will get exposed to radiation quite similar to that.

There are two types of radiation – ionizing and non-ionizing. Gamma and X rays are ionizing radiation. They are powerful enough to break the atoms in our bodies and cause cancer. While Sun rays and TV rays are non-ionizing, some defenders of 5G say that it is non-ionizing in nature and safe. Others discard this statement by pointing out that even UV rays from the Sun are non-ionizing, but can cause cancer.

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How To Protect Yourself From 5G Radiations

Due to higher millimeter-wave frequencies, 5G radiations will have trouble going through the objects like walls, and thus, reducing its penetration. Our walls will play a great role in protecting us from exposure. We will get 5G radiation through the walls, but not enough to have good signals. This is an important fact to consider. But this does not mean that we are safe from the increase in lower non-5G frequencies.

Given how addicted we are to our devices, it is almost impossible to fully eliminate ourselves from the cellphone radiations. But, there are some things we can do to tackle 5G health risks and other negative consequences.

Here are a few ideas to help you with:

  • Do not live near a cell tower or mini station
  • Always eat healthy, or try to adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Include more immune-boosting foods to your diet
  • Avoid using your cellphone for longer periods of time
  • Consider buying an EMF shield for your house
  • Educate yourself about wireless technologies and share it with others
  • Stay strong and continue to raise your positive energy and vibrations

What do you think about the new 5G technology? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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