Has Your PALS Certification Expired? An Easy-to-Follow Guide

PALS certification

Regardless of which profession you belong to, it is critical to be aware of life-saving treatment approaches to respond appropriately in an emergency. It becomes more crucial if you are associated with the healthcare industry as a professional.

PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) is one of those certifications that provides you with an understanding of basic safety measures. It allows you to provide necessary care to adults, young children, and infants.

As a result, obtaining PALS certification gives you the ability to manage emergencies. Also, it is essential as a healthcare professional to keep your PALS certification active. You should know what steps you have to take if your PALS certification expires.

License or certification for the healthcare professional holds particular importance. As a professional, you often get so busy with your daily duties that you forget certain things. But you have to ensure that all your educational documents and certifications are up-to-date and do not need renewal.

However, you should not panic if your PALS certification has expired. You can quickly get back on track by following simple steps. Let’s find out what you have to do if your PALS certification has expired.


When to Take PALS Recertification Course

It doesn’t matter if your PALS certification has expired for a long time. Whether it is passed yesterday or for several years, you have to take the recertification course. However, you should know that you can take recertification at any time.

Whenever you take a pals recertification course, you should know that it will be valid for two years. You must remember the date when your PALS certification expires so that you can avoid hassles later on.

Most healthcare organizations require updated PALS certification. It is the main requirement if you are working in an emergency department with children.

It’s a good idea to have your PALS certification renewed before it expires. You will be able to perform daily tasks without any interruption by doing this.


Find Recertification Course

Once your PALS certification expires, you have to find the recertification course right away. Many people believe that they have to complete the initial courses again for recertification. But it is not the case.

Even if a decent amount of time had passed when your credentials expired, you only have to do the PALS recertification course. You have to understand that your expired certificate is just inactive, so you only have to recertify it to reactivate it.

You have to find the right provider for the PALS recertification course. The recertification course is also less time-consuming and affordable, so you do not worry about the prices. It is essential to consider the policy of ProMed Certifications.

Some organizations may put restrictions on your recertifying process, so you have to consider these factors.


Pick Your Provider

One convenience of obtaining your PALS recertification is that you need to sign up through any online provider. You have the option of going with the service provider of your own choice.

So, you can sign up with any company you want. But do complete research before choosing your provider and verify that the recertification course is updated as per standard medical and healthcare policies.

It will help you ensure that employers accept this recertification issued by the specific company. So, doing research beforehand will help you make the right choice.


Get Yourself Registered

The best thing about doing your PALS recertification courses is that you can start the process without delay. It is just one click away. So you do not have to sign up, attend it during a particular time frame, or wait for scheduled classes to get yourself registered in the recertification course.

It depends on your availability and convenience, so you can register accordingly, take the exam, and finish the coursework. You can even become recertified in a single day.

After clearing your recertification, you will get access to your PALS card. So, you should download and print it immediately without any further delay.

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Get Your Card

Once you complete your PALS recertification course, you should get your card and show it to your employer. A new card is valid for two years, so you have to keep it in mind to recertify it once it is expired.

You have to choose a reliable company or service provider for PALS recertification so that you can get your card without any hassle.



As a healthcare professional, you can face many challenges daily. It can be overwhelming to deal with complex medical situations. You can easily forget to maintain check and balance on your educational credentials.

You should not worry if your PALS certification has expired for more than a year. You can leverage online PALS recertification to make your certification active again. It will save your effort and time and help you to renew your certificate in a hassle-free manner.

The critical thing is to remember the expiry date of PALS certification. It will help you avoid triggering the panic button and to focus on your job responsibilities more closely. It will also help you maintain credibility in the eyes of your employers.


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