Coronavirus and First Aid Training: Step-by-Step Guide

coronavirus first aid training

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Australian Government is working closely with vocational education and training (VET) providers to look for alternative ways on how they can deliver education and training despite the restrictions implemented.

To follow the request of our governing body ASQA – we have made some reasonable adjustments to our first aid assessments.

Brisbane First Aid Courses embrace different learning styles to provide all our students with the best possible learning experience. Starting this April, we are offering a new training option which is – Live Webinar First Aid & CPR Training to Combat COVID-19.

Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide on How Live Webinar Training Works by first aid pro a well-known first aid course provider in Sydney:


1. Choose the Course and Register

Select the course of your choice and check the time and date available. Make sure to enter the correct details.


2. Make the necessary payments

Once you book and pay, you will receive a unique meeting link to the webinar.


3. Sign up for a Free Zoom and BigMarker account

We will be using e-learning tools such as the Zoom platform and BigMarker in conducting our live training and webinars. Make sure to choose between the two BEFORE you book the practical workshop.


4. Pre-reading and Short Quiz

Students are required to complete a pre-course reading and a short quiz. It is self-paced, self-directed and a mandatory component of the course. (Note: The study hours required will vary depending on your existing knowledge, skills, and experience.)


5. Complete the Live Webinar Session

This webinar is a 4-hour session (break included) where students can interact with the first aid trainer and raise their questions.


6. Attend a Practical Workshop Assessment

Upon completion of the course online, you will attend theory and practical assessment to attain a fully accredited certificate by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) and Safe Work Australia and Industry Standards.

Practical Assessment Workshop – 1 HR CPR – 2 HR First Aid – 2 HR Child Care

For those attending our practical assessments, there will be enhanced hygiene measures in our training venues. First Aid Pro pulled out all stops to ensure our students and staff safety during these uncertain times, following all government requirements.

  • No gathering of more than 10 people in one place (following the 4m2 rule).
  • All equipment, including the facilities, will be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectants before and after training.
  • All students are provided with their own manikin, AED, EpiPen, and other first-aid materials.
  • The manikins provided are sanitized between individual student use.
  • There will be barriers provided when performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on CPR manikins (Note: Students may opt to not do the resuscitation but they will need a signed proof of refusal).
  • No face-to-face contact (Zero Contact Policy).


First Aid Online classes are the best solution we see fit to still deliver our first aid courses in these challenging times. We appreciate your patience and support in our virtual and distance learning solution in the meantime.


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