5 Ways To Naturally Reverse Insulin Resistance

reverse insulin resistance

The word insulin isn’t new to most of us. Yes, it is the same thing most diabetics are injected with, and too on a daily basis. Apart from that, what insulin is?


What is Insulin?

Insulin is the hormone that is produced by the pancreas gland and is known to perform two major roles, including;

  • Regulate the concentration of blood sugar levels by aiding cells in the absorption of glucose present in the bloodstream.
  • Moreover, insulin also plays a key role in the storage of excess glucose in the body.

Both of these insulin functions are crucial for our body. In the absence of insulin, glucose coming from our diet can accumulate in the body raising blood glucose levels. Consequently, these high blood sugar levels are then termed diabetes.


Type 2 Diabetes and the Role of Insulin

Diabetes or sugar is a disease or chronic illness affecting millions of people around the globe. There are two major types of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is relatively more common and responsible for 90-95% of total diabetes cases, as said by a renowned medicine specialist in Lahore during a webinar.

In the case of diabetes type 2, the body is incapable of using the insulin present in the body or even isn’t able to make enough insulin.

While age, genetics, lifestyle are the common risk factors of type 2 diabetes, the list isn’t complete without a discussion on insulin resistance.


Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes

Insulin resistance is one of the most common risk factors or early signs and symptoms for type 2 diabetes. The occurrence of insulin sensitivity is the indicator of diabetes development later in life.

However, several ways can help to reverse insulin sensitivity ultimately preventing type 2 diabetes.


How to Reverse Insulin Resistance Naturally

Several important ways to naturally reduce the insulin resistance in your body are:


1. Plan Your Meals

The very first thing you can do to control your insulin resistance is to keep an eye on what you are eating. Making the right food choices can help to cure your problem to a greater extent.

Balancing your blood sugar with eating the right food can help your body to detoxify itself and reduce oxidative stress.

Food rich in minerals and vitamins, low in glycemic content, and containing a good amount of fiber can be your go-to option.

Adding these foods to your diet can reduce inflammation as well as can reverse insulin resistance.


2. Start Working Out

No matter how much you hate it, a workout routine and more importantly a consistent workout routine can help you with insulin resistance.

It not only minimizes your chances of diabetes onset but also keeps the other health complications at a bay.

You can start by walking and gradually increase the intensity and variety of your workout routine to keep surprising your body to improve its functioning.


3. You Can Rely On Supplements

Don’t be too quick to judge me! I’m referring to those important dietary supplements that are essentially important for our bodies.

Most diets can’t compensate for the deficiency of all these necessary minerals and vitamins that are required for our body as well as can be good to reverse insulin resistance.

While you are trying to revert the insulin resistance, you can try these supplements, including;

  • Multivitamin
  • Magnesium, zinc, and chromium
  • Fish oil and its derivatives
  • Calcium and Vitamin D

All these can play a role in blood sugar metabolism and make it easy to reverse insulin resistance.


4. Stress Management

Stress is another factor for sugar imbalances in the body. Increased stress levels can be a contributing factor to insulin resistance and can worsen your existing condition.

It is recommended to tackle your stress levels by relation, meditation, physical activity to enjoy a healthier tomorrow.


5. Consult A Doctor

If you feel that your signs and symptoms are worsening with time, make sure you immediately visit a good doctor. This can help the doctor in prescribing a medication according to your needs.

Once you get a medication plan, follow it and follow up with your doctor too.


Diabetes Free Tomorrow!

Insulin resistance predicts the future onset of type of diabetes. However, insulin resistance can be reverted with minor lifestyle changes and can be your first step towards a diabetes-free tomorrow.

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