Things You Need to Take Care of After Undergoing LASIK Surgery

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This blog post is for those who have recently undergone LASIK eye surgery. After the procedure, you’ll need to take care of your eyes to help them heal and avoid complications.

This article will discuss a few things that you should take care of after undergoing LASIK eye surgery.


1. Blinking Your Eyes:

This is one of the most important things you’ll need to do after undergoing LASIK eye surgery. You should blink your eyes as often as possible to keep them lubricated and avoid dry eye syndrome. If you have any discomfort or pain in your eyes due to blinking, try using artificial tears to help you lubricate your eyes.


2. Use a Cold Compress:

You should always place a cold compress on your eyes as soon as possible after the procedure so that it can reduce swelling and pain in your eye. If you don’t have any type of cold compresses available, an ice pack will do the job.


3. Wear Sunglasses:

You’ll want to wear sunglasses when going outside for at least 2 weeks following surgery due to decreased light sensitivity from the procedure. If you notice any pain or discomfort in your eye, stop wearing glasses until it gets better and use an over-the-counter lubricating drop instead. Consult your doctor if the symptoms persist.


4. Be Easy With Exercises:

Take it easy with exercise and activities like playing sports or running until your doctor gives you clearance- even if it’s just a day or two. Avoid exercise and activities that require you to bend your head down, such as running or playing sports, for at least a couple of days after the procedure. This will help minimize blood flow in your eyes which may irritate.


5. Follow Your Eye Drops Doses:

Besides wearing your contact lenses or glasses, the next most important thing you’ll need to do after undergoing LASIK eye surgery is taking care of your eye. This includes following any eye drop doses prescribed by your doctor and using lubricating drops every few hours if needed as instructed.


6. Do Not Rub Or Touch Your Eyes:

After undergoing LASIK eye surgery, you’ll want to avoid rubbing or touching your eyes as much as possible. This will help prevent any potential complications with the new flap created by the procedure and reduce your risk for infection.


7. Follow Your Doctor’s Guidelines For Bathing:

Your doctor may recommend that you do not shower or bathe for a certain period of time after undergoing LASIK eye surgery. We recommend following your doctor’s guidelines to avoid any complications with the new flap created by the procedure and reduce your risks for infection.



It’s important to know the risks and benefits of undergoing LASIK eye surgery. If you feel like your vision is still not perfect or there are other potential consequences, it might be better for you to consult with an ophthalmologist on what options they can correct your eyesight.

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