In-Home Care: What You Should Know

In-Home Care

In-home care is a great option for seniors seeking to remain in their homes. This is also a good option for those who just need a bit of assistance with daily tasks.

If more assistance is needed, assisted living is the next step on the ladder. Assisted living Idaho Falls offers many places to choose from. However, The Gables of Idaho Falls offers both in-home care services as well as a facility, so this could make a transition down the road easier.

The types of care offered as part of in-home care will vary depending on insurance requirements. If the individual is paying for in-home care out of their own pocket, they can choose which services they most need.

Some of the most common in-home care services are:

  • Housekeeping
  • Medication management
  • Grocery shopping
  • Laundry
  • Bathing



Companionship is a major concern among the senior population. Feelings of loneliness and depression are prevalent because seniors tend to be more isolated.

Losing close friends and loved ones or lack of engagement with them in meaningful ways due to age-related decline and restrictions are just part of the isolation problem.

Most communities are not catered to this group of individuals. Seniors tend to limit driving or may not even have a license. They often do not have regularly scheduled activities to look forward to because most events are catered toward the younger population or families.

Especially if a senior does not have family close by, having the companionship of in-home caregivers is a huge social, emotional, and mental health benefit.


Difficult Chores

There are some chores that come with being a homeowner. Some of these tasks are too difficult for an elderly person to do on their own.

Examples of some of these may include:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Yardwork
  • Heavy lifting
  • Snow removal


In Idaho Falls, snow removal is an especially physical task that is a huge fall risk for anyone let alone seniors. There are few living options in the area that provide snow removal. Many seniors live in the same home they have for years and can no longer handle the workload of the yard.

There are obviously lawn care services out there, but depending on the actual need, an in-home caregiver could help with this if that is a priority. The same thing could be said of deep cleaning around the house.

Depending on the type of help the individual needs, this may require a different type of in-home caregiver. If an elderly person needs a big strong man to come to do the things they can no longer do, their needs and qualifications will be different than that of the lonely old person that just needs someone to keep them company.

Having the option to meet and interview different candidates is an important step. Having a variety of qualified people to choose from is also important. One call to The Gables is all that is needed to schedule an assessment to find an in-home solution that is perfectly catered to the needs of the client.


A Call for Help

If in-home care services are no longer meeting all needs, it may be time to seek the next step. The Gables Assisted living in Idaho Falls can help make the transition out of the home a smooth and painless process. Call them today to schedule a tour and discuss specific needs.


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  1. Alice Carroll Reply

    It’s nice to know that in-home care services can also help out with chores. My grandfather is considering to get private pay in-home care services soon because he is starting to get too weak to tend to his garden. Having a bit of assistance for that will ensure that he wouldn’t end up overexerting himself and hurting his back.

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