Swimming With A Toddler: What You Need For A Successful Swim

swimmimg with a toddler things you need

You’re getting ready to spend the afternoon by the pool with your kiddos, and while you’re sure to make some wonderful memories together, the prospect of getting everything together and everyone ready to go can definitely be overwhelming.

We get it. You want the trip to the pool to be a success. As you prepare everything for your day in the water, be sure to keep these items in mind to make it as fun and simple as possible.


A Well Packed Bag

First of all, make sure your bag is packed. It could be your purse. It could be the diaper bag. It could even be one of those big, sturdy beach bags. Whatever it is, pack it with everything you need.

Towels are obviously a must but make sure you also have snacks, bottled water, a fresh change of clothes for the kids, the works. It’s always better to be over-prepared than underprepared. Keep that in mind as you pack the bag.


The Right Swimsuit

Next up, you’ll want to make sure everyone has a swimsuit, especially your toddler. Even if your little one is potty trained, accidents can still happen and you don’t want things to get too disastrous if that happens.

Swim containment shorts are a great way to go for these situations. They feature toggles at the bottom of the legs that keep everything inside in case of an accident, and they make it easy to quickly clean everything up.


A Life Jacket

Whatever your child’s comfort level in the water, a life jacket is going to be a must when swimming with a toddler. Clip it on and hop in the pool together.

The buoyancy of the life jacket will keep them afloat with little effort on their part, allowing them to focus less on keeping their balance and more on enjoying their time in the water with you.


Water Toys

The type and amount of water toys that you bring with you will depend on what kind of pool you’re going to, but whether it’s a pool at a friends house or one at your local community center, bringing a handful of water toys is sure to brighten things up for your toddler.

Just be sure to gather them all together before you leave! There’s nothing worse than getting home from an outing and realizing you’ve left something behind.


Sun Protection

And of course, perhaps one of the most important things to remember when preparing for outdoor water play is sun protection.

You will definitely want sunscreen, but for the moments when your child is taking a break from the water, bring along a sunhat for them so that their face can get some much-needed shade.

Getting ready to go swimming with your toddler doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming. Make sure you have all the right supplies to make it a success. You’ve got this, mama!


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