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10 best superfoods you should be eating daily

10 Superfoods You Should Consider Eating Every Day

Superfoods are nutrient-packed foods that you can incorporate in your diet to achieve your health goals. Although there is no proper definition of a…

health benefits of green tea

9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Green Tea [Backed By Science]

Green tea has emerged as one of the most desired drinks in the world today, all because of its soothing nature and impressive health…

meditation techniques tips for beginners

5 Meditation Techniques for Beginners (Quick Tips To Start)

A quiet mind is all we need. Everything else will happen rightly if our mind is calm and quiet. But, most of us find…

matthew walker sleep scientist at google

Lack Of Sleep in Modern Society is Slowly Killing Us, Warns Neuroscientist

Sleep deprivation is widespread in the modern society. It affects every aspect of our biology, yet the problem is not being taken seriously by…

yoga and meditation for addiction

How Yoga and Meditation Can Help Addiction Recovery

Since ancient times, humans have explored various ways to enhance their well-being by understanding the mechanics of their bodies. It includes physical and mental…

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NSAIDs are painkillers that may help reduce pain and inflammation, but they may also cause side effects to your body.

If you've recently undergone eye surgery, you’ll need to take care of your eyes to help them heal and avoid complications.

Start an #essentialoil collection and ease your #anxiety symptoms with a natural remedy. Here's our list of 5 essential oils you should have.


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