New Technology By oVio Could Slow The Increase in Skin Cancer Cases

Between 1994 and 2014, cases of skin cancer increased by 77%. It’s estimated that the number of new melanoma cases diagnosed in 2021 will increase by 5.8%. The total number of reported melanoma deaths is expected to increase by 4.8% in 2021.

An estimated 207,390 cases of melanoma will be diagnosed in the U.S. alone, in 2021 ( Due to the increasing impacts of global warming, scientists anticipate that cases will continue rising at an alarming rate.

Medical professionals unanimously agree that the best ways to prevent melanoma are to:

  • avoid UV exposure
  • see a dermatologist once a year for a professional skin exam


For many, however, Covid has prevented them from visiting doctors’ offices for necessary preventative care and treatment.

Enter oVio Technologies, INC. oVio’s imaging products have been used heavily by cosmetic and dermatological healthcare professionals since its founding in 2015. The imaging pioneer recently announced that they have entered into an agreement with Acryl, to enhance oVio’s 360-degree rotational imaging technology.

This new enhanced model will combine their two patented technologies, and be able to detect skin anomalies such as moles and track them in patients over time. This is a great stride in the prevention of new melanoma cases.


Even better for Covid-nervous patients, oVio’s new model will provide a touchless body scan that can be done without the human presence (a thorough, no contact skin exam, requiring only 12 seconds to generate images from a full 360 degrees, at 1-degree increments, covering the full body). Solving the problem of deferred medical care, diagnosis, and treatment during Covid, and providing a safe, no-contact office visit option in a world where physical touch has become a real concern for many, is thrilling news for the Medical and Technology communities.

More exciting, skin features such as burns and/or scars can also be integrated into the new model. This means that healing, infection, and other treatment-relevant features and patient progress can be monitored by the technology remotely in real-time.

This advancement portends enormous potential for other business sectors, and even the Government — imagine our U.S. Military being equipped to monitor the recovery of our troops in Hospitals overseas instantly, and on an ongoing basis – and it will all be automated!

This unique combination of oVio’s long-recognized superior dimensional imaging technology with Acryl’s globally lauded AI-driven technology has infinite potential to affect positive change, hasten workflows, drive critical health-saving results, and innovate across a multitude of areas, within healthcare and beyond.


About The Technology

The patented oVio360TM platform captures 360 images at 1° increments, providing 4- or 8- megapixel image formats that can be annotated and shared, in addition to compiling a video from the images. oVio also supports an API for integration with existing databases and systems. Acryl Inc., based in Seoul, Korea, will leverage its Jonathan® AI platform, with its exclusive technology that computes human dimensions and recognizes skin anomalies.


The technology can even identify body parts. Burns, moles, and other skin features can be added to the recognition model to enable automated AI/machine learning analysis. By analyzing oVio’s dimensional imagery, the AI model can determine anatomical changes over time and even recognize a specific person by identifying characteristics such as tattoos and other skin markings.

Both companies plan to demonstrate oVio360TM platforms enhanced with human-recognition AI technology at conferences, seminars, and other public venues in the near future. The combination of high-fidelity 360- degree imagery with human-anatomy AI provides significant value to applications in sectors such as medicine & healthcare.

Acryl’s official spokesman stated, “Acryl was named a pre-unicorn company in 2020. This contract is a step on the way to becoming that unicorn. We will expand overseas through cooperation with oVio, using the opportunity to grow into a global company.”

George Rebensdorf, CEO of oVio, stated. “We are fortunate and gratified to be able to work with Acryl, an acknowledged global leader in AI technologies. We believe the integration of our areas of expertise can create products that can make the world better, smarter, and safer.”

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