Healthy Snacks for Kids: 10 Eco-Friendly Tips

healthy snacks for kids

Did you know that you can make nutritious snacks effortlessly? Most busy parents prefer store snacks that claim to be wholesome. However, they are unhealthy and packed with added preservatives. Homemade healthy snacks for kids help you to include delicious nourishment to kiddo’s meals.

Nutritious Treats for Children

The following yummy treats are easy to prepare, and they are excellent if your little ones are picky eaters. Also, they satisfy the kids’ hunger well.


1. Celery, Peanut Butter + Raisins

Celery with peanut butter and raisins is one of the nutritious, healthy snacks for kids to make. Divide the stem into 4 parts, apply peanut butter, and then place the raisins at the top. This meal offers a perfect proportion of carbohydrates, fat, and protein. Be mindful and use organic peanut butter, which has no preservatives.


2. Popcorn

You will be surprised by the fact that popcorn is nutritious and not junk treats. When searching for homemade healthy snacks for kids, popcorn is the ideal food to pick. You can add peanut butter even. Make it fun and delicious by sprinkling wholesome grated cheese. The countertop convection microwave will be great for this purpose.


3. Nuts

Nuts are not only flavorsome, but they are packed with healthy fat, antioxidants, and roughage. Dietary fats help children to grow. Ensure that you or another adult supervise your children, so they don’t choke on nuts.


4. Fruit or Veggie Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are tasty, healthy snacks for toddlers and preschoolers. Go a step further by using an alkaline water filter pitcher to create the drink. If the toddlers hate veggies, you should make a drink of them, and the young ones will devour it without knowing.

Many parents are under the impression that kids’ food should be bland. If you don’t enjoy eating flavorless veggies, then why would your kids? Instead of serving up some carrot or celery sticks as a snack, you could try making a flavorful stir fry or use the best juicer for celery to make yummy sauce or smoothie.

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5. Sweet Potato Fries

Everybody loves regular fries; however, they are harmful. To pack delicious healthy snacks for kids at school, bake sweet potato fries. This food is rich in beta-carotene, which is useful for beautiful skin and eyesight.


6. Kale

Kiddos don’t like vegetables, especially kale. However, it is viewed as a nutrient-rich food because of supplements and a few calories. You can create fun healthy snacks for kids; for instance, kale chips. A cupful of kale is packed with vitamins A, K, and C, the daily requirements for kiddos.


7. Olives

They contain nutritious fats and useful inhibitors, which fight free radicals that cause various diseases. Olives are savory to chew. Remember to extract pits before feeding your children, or buy the pitted ones.


8. Banana Oat Cookies

Most toddlers don’t like oats, but preparing them at home allows you to add delicious ingredients like bananas. These treats get their sweet flavor from bananas instead of processed sugar. The latter causes health issues in kids, such as overweight, type 1 and 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular conditions.


9. Turkey

You can transform turkey into a wholesome treat by using it together with avocados to create a turkey avocado roll-up. Turkey is full of protein, a body-building nutrient, and it also helps to repair tissues and muscles. This treat is filling and will keep the children full and way from snacking on junk foods until the next meal.

Avocados, on the other hand, are stashed with heart-friendly fats, roughage, potassium, folate, antioxidants, pantothenic acid, and vitamin C and K. To blend this healthy snack, wrap an avocado cutting with a chunk of turkey.

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10. Fruit Popsicles

Once your child transitions to solid food, you hope that they develop good habits. By good habits, we mean no processed foods and more veggies. But it’s notoriously difficult to get kids to eat the good stuff. How do you teach them not to dread or refuse healthy meals?

Instead of buying ice-cream for your toddlers, which is filled with preservatives and toxic sugar, try giving them frozen fruit popsicles. Many popsicles from the store have artificial flavors, corn syrup, and high-sugar levels. The good news is that you can effortlessly make yours, which the kiddos will devour.

This is also an excellent time to teach your children how to make health-giving snacks; they will delight in assisting. Puree chilled berries or fruits of your choice, put in the blender, add fruit infusion, and blend. Drain into popsicle cups and freeze overnight.



If your child is aware of vegetables, It’s good to have a healthy dialogue about food. Let your child know that eating vegetables comes with a lot of benefits like:

  • Strengthens bones
  • Keeps your hair, skin, and nails shiny
  • Makes you less susceptible to diseases
  • Regulates bowel movement

When your kid is aware of why vegetables are a necessary part of a balanced diet, they’ll treat it as a reward.

Children get hungry fast because they are always on the move, and their bodies burn food to produce energy. Making some healthy snacks for kids recipes quick and tasty to bake ensures that your kiddos are away from junk food or store-bought snacks, which are unhealthy.

It is an awesome way of providing healthy snacks for kids to take to school with nutrients and energy to grow and play. The good thing is that you can eat them at any time, unlike junk foods.

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