Top 4 Benefits of Persian Rose Water to your Health

health benefits of rose water

Premium rose water is made from organically grown roses, particularly the Damask rose variety. The flowers from this plant boast of a pale pink color with a fragrant and invigorating aroma.

More often than not, traditional farming methods are employed in cultivating this rose variety to ensure that the water produced from it is of high-grade quality.


1. Soothes sore throat

One of the primary health benefits of distilled water from roses is that it can help soothe your sore throat. This can be attributed to the fact that Persian rose water has antioxidant properties brought about by the phenolic compounds present in the petals of the flower. The same antioxidant property of rose water makes it effective to address coughs and colds too, as well as other ailments in the throat, leading to the respiratory system.


2. Heals cuts and burns

Another health benefit of rose water is that it can hasten the healing of cuts and burns. The reason behind this is that roses have antiseptic and antibacterial properties that allow wounds to heal quicker and fight off any infection. Thus, it can also reduce skin redness and complement acne treatments.

Additionally, it can also soothe skin irritation such as eczema, because of its inflammatory properties. If you don’t really have any skin problems, rose water can definitely help you maintain clear and young-looking skin.


3. Maintains healthy digestion

If you often have an upset stomach, then rose water may just do the trick for you. This is because it can improve your bile secretion which can aid your digestive system in processing the food that you take in. Because of this, you will have no trouble with constipation, rather, your bowel movement will be regular.

This paves the way for a healthy gut that can result in a stronger immune system. There is a greater chance for you to achieve this if you consume rose water on a regular basis.


4. Mood enhancer

Rose water is also proven to have antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties that can significantly enhance your mood. In fact, in Iran, rose water is rubbed on the hands and face of funeral guests because it is believed that this will make their grief more bearable. It can also help relieve your headaches and migraine, particularly when used in conjunction with aromatherapy.

In this case, you may need to vaporize rose water to be ready for inhalation. Otherwise, you can put a compress soaked in rose water on top of your head for about an hour for your headache.


Final Thoughts

To wrap things up, perhaps this is the perfect time for you to venture out into the use of rose water because of the various benefits it can bring to your health. It can soothe your sore throat and hasten the healing of your cuts and burns. It can also support healthy digestion or calm your mind and enhance your mood.

These are only some of the medicinal health benefits of rose water and there are certainly lots more left for you to discover.

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