Why Medication Carts Need To Stay Locked At All Times

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Hospitals and medical centers understand the importance of security. When using medical carts, the staff must secure any items stored in the carts and lower the risk of accidents and injuries.

What the staff stores in the carts determine what liabilities they could face if these items were to get into the wrong hands.

By reviewing situations that could pose risks, administrators could protect their patients and staff more proactively.


Decreasing Patient Injuries

If the medical carts are not locked, patients could pull items out of the drawers on their own. This could lead to self-harm or other patient injuries that present liabilities for the hospital and its administrators.

The medical staff will leave the carts unattended while performing a variety of tasks. This could give a patient the opportunity to remove items from the drawers.

Keeping the medical carts locked presents a safer environment for the patients. Hospital administrators can learn more about a Med Cart with secured locking mechanisms by contacting a supplier now.


Keeping Medications Secure

The medical carts are often used for storing medications and equipment used to dispense the medications. This could include narcotics that are highly addictive and present a risk to anyone with an existing addition.

The carts should be secured by a key or other locking mechanism to prevent individuals from getting into the drawers or cabinets.

This prevents the unauthorized use of the medications and prevents outsiders from gaining access to narcotics in a hospital environment.


Preventing Worker Theft

In a medical facility, there will be workers who are unethical and those who have addictions. With medical carts, there is a larger quantity of items that are often stolen if they are not secured.

Medical staff with drug addictions are more likely to steal from the medical carts if they can get access to the cabinets or drawers without detection.

When setting up a medical cart in any department, it is necessary to secure it and provide access to one authorized user who can access and dispense any medications or supplies in the cart.


Keeping Medical Equipment Away from Unauthorized Users

Crash carts and other equipment-based medical carts are used in emergency situations. The equipment could harm someone who is not crashing and doesn’t need a defibrillator.

The machinery must be secured at all times to prevent injuries for patients and medical staff. In unexpected circumstances, unauthorized users could injure themselves or others if they have immediate access to the machines.

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Preventing Outsiders From Tampering With Medication and Supplies

While it isn’t unheard of, there are dangerous individuals who could enter a hospital or medical center with the intent to harm patients, doctors, and other medical staff.

If these individuals get their hands on medications or the wrong supplies, they could be successful in harming their victims.

By keeping the carts locked, the hospital staff could lower the risk of these dangerous situations and protect their patients.


Final Thoughts

Hospitals and medical centers use medical carts for a variety of reasons. The carts are used in each department to provide fast access for nurses to medications, medical supplies, and equipment. The carts may also provide computers used to update the patient’s chart or medical records.

Medication carts must be secured at all times to prevent unauthorized use and keep the workers and patients safe.


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