10 Fitness Tips For Beginners

woman following fitness tips for beginners

You have finally decided to bring more movement into your life. You want to get fitter, more productive, and finally, feel good in your body. This also means that from now on there are no more excuses that could prevent you from finding success. The following fitness tips for beginners will help you achieve your goals.


1. Motivation

There are several reasons you might want to start exercising. Maybe you want to lose weight and become more efficient. You want to improve your figure and build muscle. Perhaps you are more concerned with improving your endurance and becoming more efficient in everyday life.

Regardless of the reasons that drive you, make them clear to yourself again and again so that you don’t lose your motivation. These fitness tips for beginners will help too. Also, learn about LA Fitness Prices.


2. Goal setting

The second point is closely related to the first. In order not to lose motivation, it is important to set goals. Make sure that you formulate these specifically and concretely. Align them with different periods and set accordingly short-medium, and long-term goals and visualize them. Imagine how you will look in three, six, or twelve months, and how you will feel then.


3. Training planning

Your motivation is there and your goal is set. Now it can start with the concrete training planning. Think carefully about what you want to train and how you structure your training in terms of time. That depends on the one hand on your time resources, but also the type of training.


4. Start slowly

As a beginner, you should start slowly and purposefully. Exaggeration will bring you nothing but maybe frustration. Always make it clear to yourself that it takes time and a reasonable training structure to achieve your goals. Any seasoned athlete will tell you that it takes patience and perseverance to make dreams come true.


5. Focus on technique

Concentrate more on performing your exercises in a technically clean manner than on increasing performance. In the end, this will take you a lot further and protect your body and joints.


6. Training breaks

Regeneration phases are just as important as the training load. This is especially true for all types of strength training. Therefore, always plan a day’s break after training for the stressed muscles.

After the training stimulus, the muscles are allowed to initiate the corresponding adaptation processes and to grow. If you still want to train every day, change the muscle groups you use or the type of training. Pure endurance training is possible every day.


7. Warm-up

A short warm-up phase should always precede the actual training load. This is especially true at low temperatures in the training area. The metabolism of the muscles is stimulated and they produce heat. This makes them more supple and reduces the risk of injury.


8. Strain

The subject of stretching has been a hot topic for years. Does it make sense to stretch the muscles before or after training? There is no general answer to that. I think that stretching before or immediately after a muscular load does not make sense.

The relaxation of the muscles that is achieved thereby contradicts the objective of strengthening them. However, stretching is relevant because it improves mobility. Just schedule separate stretching sessions outside of strength training.


9. Nutrition

Training only works optimally in conjunction with an appropriate diet. Therefore, you should pay attention to it depending on your training focus.


10. Relaxation

Tension and relaxation complement each other like Yin and Yang and together improve your work-life balance. Therefore, remember to include regular relaxation sessions in your training plan.

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